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Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic Doserless Grinder [REVIEW]

Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic Doserless Feature Image

You’ve got to hand it over to Mazzer. Super Jolly is one hell of a choice for a name. No one’s forgetting that easily, let me tell you that. If that triggers your curiosity and you take one good look at this coffee grinder, you won’t forget how it looks either. Despite being one of Mazzer’s mid-range machine, this looks like a beefy grinder picked up from a Barista’s secret coffee cove.

That’s probably why it’s not so common at homes. Don’t be mistaken though, the Super Jolly has enough reasons to tip over your existing grinder and occupy prime space on your kitchen counter.

If you have space, that is.

A Closer Look At The Super Jolly

This is one of the beefiest coffee grinders I’ve ever seen. It stands 24 inches and towers over most coffee grinders in the market. So if you plan to add this to your kitchen, it will eat up a good chunk of your counter space. This machine is not ideal for those with a space-strapped kitchen. Did I forget to mention that it weighs 31 pounds? It’ll mostly stay put and will be difficult to move around.

The appearance of the Super Jolly is equally intimidating. The Mazzer Machine is mostly metal casing, and the only plastic part that is visible from the exterior is the clear bean-hopper. This also means that it is built like a rock and will thwart corrosion for years. I can’t confirm for sure, but the casing does look durable.

There are three buttons on the casing; two programmable buttons for single and double espressos and a manual pulse button, which you can just press for as long as you’d want the grinder to operate.

This button also serves the purge function. I’ll come to that in a bit.

The hopper is a sufficiently large 2.7 pounder. So, if you have a 5-pound coffee bag, this will retain a large part of it in one go.

Inside, you have a 64 mm stainless steel burr set that can be controlled with a micro-metrical step-less adjustment knob. This is one of the best features of the Mazzer Super Jolly. Adjusting the grind size to the most precise metric on-the-fly is ridiculously simple. Turn the knob and the adjustment ring rotates going from fine to coarse.

Below the hopper, there is a porta-holder where you can lock-in your porta-filter for grinding straight to it.

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Grinding with the Mazzer Super Jolly

The Super Jolly produces quality grinds quickly and consistently. No qualms about it. The 64 mm burr grinder can churn out almost 1.5 grams of coffee per second. So, if you are going for a 20-gram strong espresso shot, that takes as less as 12 seconds, which is phenomenal, even by coffee shop standards. However, there is a caveat that the metal burr grinder may transfer heat, especially when it is used continually in a commercial establishment. It may be a minor change in the flavor profile. But certainly enough to deserve a mention.

The micro-metrical adjustment knob is a coffee-savants paradise. And the fact that it takes zero-tinkering with the settings, makes it so much easier to use.

The dosing chamber is absent in the Mazzer Super Jolly Doserless model. Instead, it grinds fresh beans on-the-fly which, once again, is a great feature for home users as well as coffee shops. The freshness of the bean remains intact. No loss of flavor.

The dosing settings are very easy to program. Pretty self-explanatory to be honest. The digital screen displays the timing settings, and you can customize it to 20th of a second.

Is It Right For Me?

The Mazzer Super Jolly will mostly be preferred by small coffee shops and other commercial establishments. The doserless model is more suited for continual use. Having said that, there are occasionally home users who are looking for a tank to put at home, and if that’s you, you’ll take an instant liking to this machine for its durability and easy-to-use grind settings.

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Video Review

Top Features

  • Durable construction (metallic casing)
  • 2.7lbs large airtight bean hopper
  • Patented micro-metrical adjustment grind technology
  • Precise dosing capability (20th of a second)
  • Large 64mm stainless steel burr set

What We Don't Like

  • Measuring 24" and weighing 31lbs, the Super Jolly is NOT ideal for home-use, unless you have a huge empty kitchen
  • Lots of coffee wastage (around 4g) trapped inside the system
  • Priced over $1000

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Alternative & Similar Products

We don't review too many commercial grade coffee grinders, the only other one we've done so far is the Baratza Forte AP.  It's high-performing, automatic, and very intuitive to use.

Alternatively, if you own a small cafe and don't need the Jolly's monstrous power , then you may want to consider the Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder instead.

The Coffee Barrister's Verdict

The Mazzer Super Jolly is a great quality grinder with some very good features and a few not-so-good ones. Considering the price, you may find better choices. But coming from Mazzer, brand-loyalists will definitely stick to this one.

Mazzer Super Jolly Side View

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