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About Us

Welcome to The Coffee Barrister! Thanks for checking out the about page.

You might think I started this website because I simply enjoy coffee. Well, that’s true! I love to start my day with a cup of coffee from my local coffee shop, just across the road. An exquisite cup of joe pumps me up and gets me ready for work every day. But more importantly, I created The Coffee Barrister because as a coffee enthusiast, I want to share my passion with you.

So, let me tell you how I got into coffee…  I’ve always enjoyed coffee. I use to sneak ice coffee in high school – I studied in Hong Kong, and it was HOT! At university, I would grab a cup of Costa’s every morning. However, I truly fell in love with coffee when I moved to London in 2013. Back then, my friend challenged himself to visit 100 independent London coffee shops. At work, a colleague took us to several coffee shops around the office. They both inspired me and opened my eyes to the world of coffee, the world beyond those franchise coffee chains like Starbucks.

Since then, I’ve tried a bunch of other artisan coffee shops, and even started brewing my own coffee at home.  As my appreciation for coffee grew, I wanted to learn more and more. I want to find out everything about coffee; it’s origin, how taste varies between regions, and most importantly, how to brew my own cup at home. I found several amazing resources online but it was difficult, many were scattered across different websites. That’s why I created The Coffee Barrister; I want to create a central hub that will provide quality information in my passion.

Enter The Coffee Barrister: The one-stop destination that satisfies the thirst in all your coffee-related matters.

The Coffee Barrister Mission

As a team of coffee-lovers, we at The Coffee Barrister aim to produce a high-quality blog for our readers by following 3 core missions, as shown below:

1) Create quality and engaging content to our readers.

The main mission here is to produce quality articles in our passion. We currently have several coffee specialists contributing to our community, all of which are creating top-notch buying guides, product reviews, and informational articles.

2) Produce value-adding articles across various topics.

As a one-stop destination, we write valuable articles on different topics so that our readers can learn wherever his passion takes him. As a team of crazed coffee fanatics, we want to cover enough topics in depth, so one day, we will be able to write our own book and share this passion further.

3) Review the best coffee gear and equipment in detail.

We will review coffee-related products that we believe in. The process is quite simple, we either review our own favourite coffee gears or find other coffee experts to do the same. We always want to deliver the best possible review to you.

At The Coffee Barrister, we plan to create a community where other like-minded contributors can get involved. If you are interested, contact us now!

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